I was really shocked when I find out this famous actor gave away $75 million. Here’s why.

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The Chosen One: Keanu Reeves, star of Matrix and most recently, John Wick.

Growing up, Reeves faced instability, constant moving, a father who abandoned his family, and dyslexia.

His first child, Ava, was stillborn and his girlfriend died in an accident. His sister would later fall gravely ill during her fight with cancer.

However, none of these factors stopped Reeves from becoming the compassionate person he is today.

Here are five of our favourite Reeves acts of kindness:

1. Over the years, he has donated millions of dollars to charity, supporting PETA, the SickKids Foundation, and Stand Up To Cancer.

However, he does not attach his name to any of his gifts, but chooses instead to stay anonymous and avoid making it about himself.

2. After making the first Matrix movie, Reeves negotiated his contract to make sure much more of his profit from the second and third movies would go to the films’ special effects and costume design teams.

3. Essentially, this meant Reeves willingly gave away an estimated $75 million that he would have received to people he thought deserved it.

Each team member ended up getting $1 million.

4. Reeves also gave each person on the stunt team a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

He has paid over $5 million to help his sister fight leukemia.

He has also become her caretaker, making her meals, preparing her medication, and sometimes putting film shoots on hold so he can take care of her. He was clear to his bosses of his priorities and juggled his busy schedule with caretaking.

5. On one occasion, Reeves was spotted sitting down on a sidewalk in Los Angeles to spend time and have lunch with a homeless man.

Instead of tossing the man some change, Reeves went a step further and got to know the person who was asking for a little help.

Money really is the furthest thing from Reeves’ mind.

He continually chooses his craft over payment.

For example, Keanu took a several million dollar pay cut for the 1997 film The Devil’s Advocate to make funds available to get Al Pacino on-board.

He did the same thing for 2000′s The Replacements to get Gene Hackman to sign on.

One important lesson from this awesome story?

Work hard, be humble and always do whats right.

Being rich is not a sin, if you always know how to spend the money to empower other people lives.

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