This beardy guy finally revealed his basic 3 steps systems to grow his 7 figure Internet business selling physical products.

Before this, John Crestani was working for a pay per click advertising company that spends 7 figure every year on paid traffic.

He was doing well… but he feels he can do more. He knew he can make a difference to the world, and himself.

So he quit his job and started to focus on his Internet business.

Using the knowledge that He have experienced with his previous company, here are some steps that he used to grow his 7 figure Internet business within 12 months.

STEP 1 – Identify your niche and your strength.

You need to pick and choose your topics. Because you are going to work hard every day.

The best way to choose your topic is to go with things you love the most, and at the same time, it creates more value others.

STEP 2 – Learn how to pay to get customers instead too relying on free traffic.

Lets be honest, free traffic is good.

But you need to master your craft on paid traffic. This is the gold mine. If you have the ability to measure every dollar you spend with every dollar you make, then you can be unstoppable.

Let me list out some of paid traffic out there that will bring great results for your Internet business:

  • Facebook Ads.
  • Google Adwords.
  • Bing Ads.
  • Taboola.
  • And many more.

If you are new to this paid traffic thing, start now by choosing one platform. For example, you can pick and run your paid advertising campaign today to promote your products via Facebook Ads.

It will cost you around $100 to reach thousands of people within 24 hours.

STEP 3 – Don’t create your product yet. Start with selling other people products.

This is often called AFFILIATE MARKETING.

This is how it works:

1. You sign up with the vendors (eg: Amazon, Clickbank etc).

2. You get a customize links that you can use to promote any products that you want via the vendor marketplace.

3. Every time your customer purchase the product using your link, you will get 10% and up to 80% commissions.

I would recommend you to start with small budget first just to test out the water. If you can make huge commission with affiliate marketing, then chances are you are going to succeed with your own products later.

Besides affiliate, you can also choose dropship.

By using these 3 steps, John Crestani managed to start his own business with low budget and endless possibilities.

Building a $5 million revenue per year Internet business is not easy. But its not impossible if you know how to start the right way.

I believe John Crestani has done that impressively, and now he is ready to teach you how.

This is the basics that you must know.

To learn more, I would recommend you to watch his videos about his Internet Jetset systems.

Watch his videos now about Internet Jetset systems so you have the right mentors that will help you to make your first 4 figure Internet business.


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