How Shane and Jocelyn made 6 figure sales in 1 month, and quit their job using email marketing?

In July 2014 alone, Shane and Jocelyn Sams made over $140k selling library lesson membership plans.

How they use email marketing to get more customer and sales?

  1. People always worry about traffic. But in the end, it doesn’t matter how many people come to your site randomly from Google or social media (Facebook etc).

1. What matters is how many of those people you keep and convert them to become your customers.

2. Their blogs have 30,000 blog visitors in one month, but both Shane and Jocelyn Sams know nothing about their audience.

3. So they used Aweber to grow their audience using email marketing. The key thing is to understand their audience better than their competitors.

4. They attract visitors to become part of their mailing list using incentive. Where most people sell their football playbooks, they wrote one and gave it away for free.

5. The first month they used email marketing, they earned $2,700 sales direct from their list.

6. About a year later, they made $36,000 in a single month and quit their jobs.

Its all started with using the right email marketing services such as Aweber.

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