12 Tips – This IT illiterate 40-year-old lady who makes 3 figure in Clickbank commission.

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Her story is beyond uniqueness.

Well, this is not really because of her age. The fact that she almost reaches 40 series is indeed admirable, but a little tiny mistake she once did also brings lots of priceless lessons.

Let’s explore these 12 tips below for you to begin making sales just in one week’s time as an affiliate marketer.

1. It is sort of surprising to find Barbara Grill to be among 50% of IT illiterates.

Having the rough idea of how to use Facebook, yet she doesn’t truly know about setting up advertisements using FB Ads nor landing pages.

2. That’s when we lent a hand to help her doing basic technical tasks via Skype.

And this especially took in the steps of landing pages using Instapage. Sounds nice, isn’t it?

3. Interestingly, unlike those who easily give up, she is not that kind of person.

It took her only 2 to 3 days to choose product.

4. The product of her choice clicked with her personality, and it was ‘Home & Improvement’.

Acting as an affiliate marketer, choosing the easy-to-sell product is somehow essential. It can turn our marketing job to be much easier up to 70%.

5. After choosing product, Barbara Grill took merely 1 hour to finish landing pages by using Instapage software. No hassle, no fuss.

All it takes is simply clicking, inserting text as well as pictures… and there you go, it’s done.

6. As she did not have much experience in buying domain or hosting, thus she just used the subdomain provided in Instapage.

7. Soon after landing pages was done, only then she took around 10 to 30 minutes creating new Facebook pages.

8. Without dilly-dallying, she drew out as much as $100 cost to experiment 4 different pictures in promoting one landing page.

Note that she used the campaign of Facebook Ads Website Clicks.

9. Within the first week doing paid advertising, this $100 cost did not bring any return in the sense of sales.

We noticed that there were some obvious mistakes she did in FB Ads advertisements and landing pages.

10. Small matter, yet big impact. One of the small mistakes which could lead to huge effect is affiliate link.

It seemed that Barbara Grill missed out a few alphabets that caused the website to malfunction.

11. After making some changes on the second week, once again, she invested $100 cost.

This time, she could see the result at last.

12. The total of sales (and commission) she managed to obtain was $164.02.

Quite shocking, isn’t it?

Even so, if we go specifically deeper, Barbara Grill was actually at a loss.

This is because she already invested as much as $200 in two weeks with the total commission of only $164.02.

But, that’s more than fine. What she lost was money, but she gained broader in the sense of experience.

If she did not mistakenly put affiliate link on the landing pages, most probably her campaign of affiliate marketing could bring positive returns.

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