How these 8 individuals make a total of 5 figure affiliate commission less 12 months?

Starting today, you are going to learn proven step-by-step formula to make your first 1,000 sales in affiliate marketing using both Clickbank and FB Ads.

Proven case study: Barbara Grill

Clickbank sales & commission: $164.02

Proven case study: Jason Mile

Clickbank sales & commission: $21,542.02

Proven case study:Nathan James

Clickbank sales & commission: $642.81

Proven case study: Anthony

Clickbank sales & commission: $674.86

Proven case study: Raja Kamil

Clickbank sales & commission: $135.76 (Not even 24 hours)

3 Proven (yet simple) steps to earn your affiliate commission, after you go through our online course?

Step 1:

Choose your Clickbank product to promote on your FB Page and FB Ads.

Step 2:

Post your FB ads campaign via your Facebook Pages and spend around $10 to $50 per day.

Step 3:

If you do it right, you will be able to get $100 to $200 in affiliate commission.

Proven case study: Natalia Turner

Clickbank sales & commission: $865.32.

5 Videos you going to get once you join Affiliate Lab today?

How to signup on Clickbank as an affiliate in less than 10 minutes.


The first and important step to do. Which is to register your account with Clickbank. It will take around 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

How to choose the right product to sell on Clickbank?


How to pick the right product that easy to sell on Facebook? We tell you exactly how we choose. Knowing this information alone can increase your chance to get your first 10 sales on Clickbank.

How to promote your Clickbank product on Facebook?


Next step is to setup your copywriting and Facebook post to promote your product. We show you step by step.

How to spend your money on Facebook Ads to get your first 10 to 100 sales within 30 days?


This is no bullshit course. You need some funds (between $30 to $100 as a start) to spend on Facebook Ads. In this video, we show you the easiest and fastest way you can do Facebook Ads (no technical knowledge needed).

BONUS: How to boost your affiliate income using 1 simple strategy?


If you want to grow both your Clickbank sales and commission each and every year, you need to have a blog. In this video, you going to learn how to use 1 simple strategy that can boost your sales every year.

(Warning: You will need basic technical knowledge on blogging - Wordpress, hosting, domain, etc)

Proven case study: Stephanie

Clickbank sales & commission: $721.73.

Proven case study: Angela Kirk

Clickbank sales & commission: $343.30.

Proven case study: Chris Tan

Clickbank sales & commission: $745.69.

Proven case study: Fiona Williams

Clickbank sales & commission: $543.25

How much money you need to pay to learn proven Clickbank affiliate marketing methods with Affiliate Lab?

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We don't offer any refunds. Here's why.

This course is totally 100% for those who are completely new to both Clickbank and Facebook Ads

We don't do any refunds at the moment (Unless its a special case).

Please make your buying decision wisely before you buy. 

If you are looking for get rich quick and fancy (or quick) stuff, get out from this website. Its not for you.

Proven case study: Johan Karimi

Clickbank sales & commission: $275.04

Proven case study: Ashley Collier

Clickbank sales & commission: $128.

We also don't offer any upsells or you can claim your double money back guarantee.

We promise you no upsell, no cross sell or anything like that. If we do these dirty and tricky things, you can ask for DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

All we want is to help you to get the small results with affiliate marketing. 

In Helo Native, we are education company that helps people like you to grow your income every year by selling good products on the Internet.

Proven case study: Farish Hasari

Clickbank sales & commission: $745.69

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