Case study: How she used these 12 steps to make nearly 4 figure in affiliate commission in 3 weeks?

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In this case study series, we are going to show you at least 12 steps on how to make almost 4 figure in affiliate commission, just like Stephanie does using Clickbank.

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1. Clickbank is just one of the best marketplace to start as an affiliate marketer. Because they have many categories to choose from.

2. Stephanie is just like many other beginner affiliate marketer. She knew the potential, but she don’t know where to start.

3. One of the most critical part in affiliate marketing is to choose the right product. If you choose one product that easy to sell online, then you are on the right track to make money with affiliate marketing.

4. In her case, choosing the right product through Clickbank can be a headache. There are lots of offers and vendors. But in Affiliate Lab courses, we gave her few critical elements she need to look at vendor’s salesletter before making a decision.

5. When she found the product to sell as an affiliate, the next step is to build content using Facebook post or landing pages.

6. In Affiliate Lab courses, we would like to recommend you to use landing pages because Facebook nowadays is very strict about direct linking. They can ban your FB Ads account if you violate their rules.

7. In Affiliate Lab courses, you will learn from our successful landing pages. From there, you will understand what kind of copywriting you must put inside your landing pages and how to do it without using any technical skills (We recommend Instapage).

8. Once your landing pages is done, the next step is to publish it using your own domain or you can use Instapage subdomain for free (using

9. Now Stephanie have her own landing page to promote 1 specific product on Clickbank. Next, she need to have Facebook Pages and create Facebook Ads.

10. In her case, she is using Website Clicks on Facebook Ads. She test 4 different images and 4 different headlines to promote 1 landing pages.

11. Long story short, she found 1 ads that generate sales better than the other. So she spent more on the ads and end up spending more than $150.

12. As you can see from the screenshot, Stephanie generated $216.34 in week 1, $193.57 in week 2 and $311.82 in week 3.

Thats a total of $700+ in affiliate commission. After minus Facebook Ads cost, Stephanie net profit might be around $500+.

I’m not going to tell you that its easy to get the result. You need to work hard and hustle.

If you read this case study, you will notice Stephanie is using paid traffic to get visitors to her landing pages.

We encourage you to learn from Affiliate Lab (Clickbank Basic). You will learn how Stephanie choose her product, build proven landing pages and spend money on paid traffic via Facebook Ads.

Please don’t get too excited. You won’t be able to get rich fast and easy. It takes hardwork, patience and perserverance to get this kind of results.

Case study: How these 7 individuals make a total of 5 figure affiliate commission less 12 months?

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